Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

The tranquility I felt when I finally set foot on the sand of Puting Buhangin was incomparable. At first, it was hard for me to believe that paradise was right there at my very eyes, but as I lingered around its shoreline, I realized that this newly discovered gem was real. While I gasped with approbation, humming birds and soothing small waves sang with me.

Puting Buhangin is one of the most mellow beaches I’ve seen. The beach comes with intermittent shades of turquoise and deep blue. Its smooth and fine white sand, and clear waters could keep one swim for more even during the heights of noon.  Long walks along its seashore are also advisable even with barefoot. Though, like any other beaches, there are also some parts where presence of hard pebbles, rocks and slabs can be felt.

Left side view of the beach.

The island can’t keep its prestige without the “Kwebang Lampas”—the cave at the right side adjacent to the beach. That is another alternative to visitors who prefer to while away their time alone. Since it is concealed from the sun, the place is cold and clean. Waters freely flow in both ends of the cave which can give one a full view of the ocean if you stay on its periphery. It fills the cave during high tide while it’s relatively dry when tide is low.

Cave opening

I literally screamed when this picture was taken.

Full view of the cave.

The whole place is covered mostly by coconut trees and bermuda grass. Presence of the mini forest which forms the island cove is an annexed attraction to its whole panorama.

These coconut trees and bermuda grass give shade to the visitors.

There are cottages for rent provided for visitors, however, you can choose to shade under the trees. It has no room to accommodate those who plan to stay overnight. Bringing a tent is also highly advised. Just keep in mind though that you need the go signal of the caretaker before camping. It’s hard to find phone signals in the island, most areas are dead-spots.

Dwellers call the place Lukang Beach—a private resort owned by a Chinese businessman. I was also told that this property is being disputed which is why it is not being developed. The island is located at Barangay Polo Ibaba, Pagbilao in Quezon province. It is accessible by land or sea.

Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas should be conserved as what it is today. Unlike any other beaches in the Philippines flooded by tourists, its undeniable treat is close contact with nature where humming birds, reverberating waves, and harmonious sound of trees swaying with the winds connive to give one the best relaxation.

These are the views you won’t miss if you traverse using any land transport going to Puting Buhangin.

The tower is the famous “Team Energy” Power Plant in Pagbilao.

This is the first beach you will pass by if you trek going to Puting Buhangin.

Corn plantation at the foot of the mountain.

Pagbilao Lake


I used a public transport.

1-       Ride a bus going to Lucena. There are terminals located in Gil Puyat (Buendia) and  Cubao. (3.5-4hrs. estimated travel time)

2-       Get off at Lucena Grand Terminal.

3-       From Lucena Grand Terminal, take a jeepney going to Pagbilao. (15-20 mins.)

4-       Get off at Pagbilao market

5-       From Pagbilao market, ride a jeepney bound to Brgy. Polo. (50 mins.)

6-       When you reach Barangay Polo, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the parking lot going to Lukang Beach or Puting Buhangin.  (5-10mins.)

7-       From the parking lot, you have to trek for 15minutes to get to Puting Buhangin.

Care taker: Aling Divine

Entrance fee: Php50.00

Cottage: Around Php400-500.00

Total travel time: 5.5-6 hrs.

Contact number: 0929-530-1343

(Date of visit: October 10, 2010)

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56 thoughts on “Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas in Pagbilao, Quezon

  1. well done migs!

    May God be with you wherever you go.
    hope one day u come and visit australia and discover its beauty.

    all the best,
    rosa <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this awesome adventure of yours. BTW, my friends and I will visit Pagbilao one of these days because of this post. hahaha! Do you have Aling Divine’s contact number, if you do, kindly give it to me. Thanks in advance. God Bless!

  3. Thanks for sharing this awesome adventure of yours. BTW, my friends and I will visit Pagbilao one of these days because of this post. hahaha! Do you have Aling Divine’s contact number, if you do, kindly give it to me. Thanks in advance. God Bless!

  4. JP: Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any contact number. I think the caretaker only allows small group to stay overnight. My friend has befriended aling divine, so he was allowed to stay over night (twice) along with his friends.

    Hydee: Thanks! Appreciate it. Aling Divine doesn’t have any contact number. You’ll enjoy your visit. :)

  5. hi,

    first of all, thanks for this blog! this is really a big help to many who intend to visit puting buhangin like me.

    may i just ask kung magkano hingi ng trike driver from brgy. polo to the parking lot? and how did you arrange your departure from the beach? did you ask the same trike to pick you up for your trip back to brgy. polo proper? ibang contract price na naman ba yun?

    would appreciate your response to these questions.

    best regards,

  6. Hello Ron,

    It was around P500 last year. I don’t know if they have new rates. That’s two way. Hihintayin kayo ng tryk, just make an arrangement with the driver. Or text nyo sila kung anong oras nyo balak magpasundo.

    Thank you for reading my blog.

      • Hello po, wala na po akong contact number nung tao dun. Pls check the comment box in this particular blog, I think nailagay ko dito ang contact number. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  7. galing mo ron! tagal kong nghanap ng mas detail papuntang puting buhangin, sayo ko lng nkuha lhat ng sagot sa tanong ko. TNX SO MUCH!!!!

  8. galing mo ron! tagal kong nghanp ng pinkadetail how to go in puting buhangin, ikaw p lng nkagbigay ng compplete details.TNX SO MUCH!!!!!

  9. 500 ung rent sa tric? pano po pag may service na dala? magkano ung parking fee? thanks a lot. i’m going there by sep12..hope to get info from you asap.. tnx again..

  10. This post is so helpful. Napaka-informative….. Good luck sa mga susunod mo pang adventure. Stay safe……..

  11. hi…ask ko lang kung pede mgaovernight dun, kse i’ve been there last 2005 pa…alam ko di pa pde magovernight and la pang resort na maayos…

  12. Thank you for this. This is very informative. But seriously, 500 ang rent sa tric??? Just shocked. Hehe! Your blog is really helpful for backpackers like me. :)

  13. ms. divine i want to have my prenuptial phoyoshoot at your place do i need to have my reservation first? or we can just go there n lng pls pm me asap.. thaks..

  14. im sorry to say this…too sad..we were so frustrated when we were in puting buhangin…its not white after all…andami mong babayaran ..di mo alam kung para saan..and its not worth it..its too crowded..walang cr..liligo ka sa putikan..walang mabibilihan ng pagkain at wala ka ng space..sa damuhan kami nag stay malapit na puno ng mga basura..then some of my friends nakapitan ng dikya at natusok ng mga sea orchins..then yong nakatabi pa namin na mga naka tent dun sa parteng dulo..mga mukhang DOM…mga manyakis kung makatingin kasi mga lasing…we were soo scared lalo n nung gabi na..its too dark and unsafe..no securities at all..di na kami babalik dun…

  15. Hi Migs,
    I’ve been to Puting Buhangin on March 27 this year. There are some of changes since 2010. 1. The resort is now owned by Pagbilao Development Corporation 2. Yes overnight stay is allowed 3. New Caretakers Name is Rolly Ferrer Contact No. 09182689402 5. Kuwebang Lampas now has signs of vandalism on its walls courtesy of our not so insensitive friends..

    • Noong 2010 cottages lang meron dun eh.. walang villa.. Ngayon, pwede na raw mag overnight, nag ka-camp lang yung iba, hindi ko sure kung my villa or rooms na cla. Pls contact the new caretaker, Rolly Ferrer Contact No. 09182689402.

  16. Hi

    Been searching for white sand beach na malapit lang for our family outing. Gusto ko sana sila dalhin dito kaso we have 3 kiddos. But based on how you trekked your way to the beach, and wala pang villas/cottages, mukhang hindi advisable para sa family outing *sigh*

    But Im sure my friends will love to visit Pagbilao on our next escapade. Sana by then meron ng kahit small cottages para pwede isama yung kids nila. Thanks sa post :)

  17. hi! im a lakwatsera planning to take a solo hike in puting buhangin by november. will it be safe? im on a tight budget, kaya kaya ng 2,000 lang? i will jst stay for 4-5 hours before heading back to bicol. any one who wants to tag along? contact me at gioella1979@hotmail.com

  18. hi!Is there’s any nipa hut/villa around the area?balak xe namin mgcompany outing more or less 40 paxs?o may mlapit bng resort na pwde mong isuggest n pwde nm 2luyan n mlapit lng s lukang beach..nkaprivate bus dn xe kme pwde bng mkapsok un w/in the area n mlpit nsa lukang resort pra d n kme mgtrike thanks Roman!!!;)

  19. hi! i just saw the picture nung cave and got familiar sa place… malapit sya sa padre burgos, right??? how wonder to remember that place…. pashare ako nung pic nung cave..unfortunately ksi we don’t have any picture of it…napuntahan ata nmin yan last i think 8 to 10 yrs agooo… and first time kong nkakita na live n squid n nagswiswim… hahaha… ganda ng color nya…

    thank for your wonderful blog…so informative ang not selfish ;)

  20. ser, papunta po kami jan at balak namin magovernight, san ba mas ok magset up ng tent sa puting buhangin or sa me kwebang lampas, at pde ba magpaluto ng pagkain sa mga taga dun?

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